Campaign FAQs

General Promotion

  • What is Mastercard Priceless Surprises®?


    Priceless Surprises allows Mastercard’s partners to put Priceless into the lives of their Mastercard cardholders through life-changing or smile-making surprises. Since the campaign launched in 2014, over 100,000 cardholders worldwide have been surprised with everything from dining and travel to entertainment and sports experiences.

  • What is Jack Henry & Associates’ relationship with Mastercard®?


    Mastercard and Jack Henry & Associates have partnered to provide JHA Card Processing Solutions™ (CPS) Mastercard issuers with a Priceless Surprises® promotion designed especially for their cardholders.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • What are Mastercard® and Jack Henry & Associates’ roles in this promotion?


    Mastercard and Jack Henry & Associates will handle the complete administration of the promotion, making it entirely turn-key for participating JHA Card Processing Solutions™ Mastercard issuers. This will include development of the Official Rules, legal compliance vetting, creation of customizable marketing materials, data capture, winner selection, surprise fulfillment, and post-performance analytics and reporting.

  • What are the requirements for CPS Mastercard® issuers?


    Beyond opting in to the program, participating CPS Mastercard issuers must agree to promote the program in a minimum of two (2) marketing channels during the promotion period. CPS Mastercard issuers are responsible for all marketing costs, including printing.

  • Will Mastercard® and Jack Henry & Associates provide guidance on how to promote the program?


    Yes. To help issuers promote the program to their cardholders, all CPS Mastercard issuers who opt in will gain access to applicable marketing materials. These can be easily customized by each financial institution, and will include a templated email, banner ads, statement insert, direct mailer, Facebook and Twitter posts and in-branch signage.

    Marketing materials will be available for download from the promotion portal for the duration the program and will be updated for any future promotions.

  • Can I change the Official Rules, program structure (i.e. add prizes, delete portfolios, etc.), or marketing materials?


    No. Any CPS Mastercard issuer who does so will be violating terms and putting their financial institution at legal risk. Marketing materials may be customized only with a financial institution’s name and logo.

How it Works

  • Are all Mastercard® cardholders eligible to be surprised?


    No. Only cardholders with a JHA Card Processing Solutions™ Mastercard, whose financial institution has opted in to the program, can receive a surprise.

  • What is the eligibility criteria for my cardholders?


    The promotion is open only to cardholders of financial institutions that opt in prior to the promotion start date. Cardholders must also be 18+, a U.S. resident, and a cardholder in good standing. This is a usage focused program and may not be used for cardholder acquisition purposes.

  • How can my cardholders enter?


    Cardholders from participating FIs will automatically receive one (1) entry into this promotion each time they use their Mastercard to make a purchase during the promotion period. PIN-based purchases made with a Debit card, international transactions and transactions with an HSA Mastercard or small business Mastercard are not eligible for an entry.

  • Do my cardholders need to make a purchase to be eligible to be surprised?


    No. Cardholders can enter for free by mail. For details on this entry method, see the Official Rules. Official Rules will be available via the promotion portal beginning on November 1, 2018.

  • What can cardholders be surprised with?


    Participating cardholders can be surprised with a trip for them and a guest to one of five destinations (Grand Prize) or a statement credit (First Prize). Destinations include New York City, Chicago, Miami, Hawaii, and Los Angeles.

  • How many surprises are available?


    At the end of the promotion period, one (1) Grand Prize will be awarded from all eligible participating CPS Mastercard® issuer transactions. In addition, one (1) First Prize will also be awarded to a cardholder from all participating CPS Mastercard issuers. That means there is a dedicated First Prize for your financial institution just for opting in.

  • How will winners be selected?


    The Promotion Administrator will receive transaction information from Mastercard® and will select Grand and First Prize winners at random from among all eligible entries.

Key Dates

  • When is the opt-in period?


    CPS Mastercard® issuers can opt in to the Q1 2019 promotion between 12:00:01 AM Central Time on 9/24/2018 and 11:59:59 PM Central Time 10/22/2018.

  • What are the dates for the promotion?


    The Q1 2019 promotion runs from 12:00:01 AM Central Time on 1/1/2019 until 11:59:59 PM Central Time on 3/31/2019.

  • How will winners be notified?


    Grand Prize winners will be notified by the Promotion Administrator via telephone, email and/or mail. First Prize winners will be notified by their financial institution via mail with a verified letter released from Jack Henry & Associates.

  • How will statement credits be fulfilled?


    Statement credits will be credited to the Mastercard used to make the winning transaction.

  • How will my financial institution know who its winners are?


    Jack Henry & Associates will release verified winner info to your financial institution’s verified contact.


  • Does my financial institution need to opt-in to participate?


    Yes. All CPS Mastercard® issuers who wish to participate in the Q1 2019 program must opt in through the promotion portal between 9/24/2018 and 10/22/2018. If you do not opt in during this timeframe, your financial institution will not be able to participate, and your cardholders will not be eligible to be surprised.

  • How do I opt-in?


    Beginning on 9/24/2018, CPS Mastercard® issuers who wish to participate in the Q1 2019 promotion may opt in via the promotion portal.

  • Can my financial institution opt-in after 10/22/2018?


    CPS Mastercard issuers cannot opt in for the Q1 2019 Promotion after the deadline of 11:59:59 PM Central Time on 10/22/2018. However, look out for communications from Jack Henry & Associates for information on future quarterly promotions.

  • If my financial institution is planning to de-convert from JHA Card Processing Solutions during the promotion period, will I still be able to opt in and participate?


    No. If your financial institution plans to de-convert from CPS at any point during the promotion period you will be ineligible to opt in or participate.

  • What do I do once my financial institution has opted in?


    Once your financial institution has opted in, you are ready to participate. Make sure to log back into the promotion portal to download customizable marketing materials once they become available on 11/1/2018 and promote to your cardholders starting on 1/1/2019. Remember, by opting in, you agree to promote the program in at least two marketing channels.

  • Can my financial institution opt-out of the promotion?


    No. Once your financial institution has opted in to the promotion, it cannot opt out.

  • Can multiple contacts at my financial institution opt in?


    Yes. All individuals who will need access to the promotion portal should create their own log-in.

  • How do I change or update my contact information once I have opted in?


    Log in to your account and chance the email address to the new contact. Once updated, the new contact will have access to the system using their email address.

Marketing Support

  • What can I do throughout the promotion period to help spread the word?


    Cross-channel marketing throughout the promotion period is essential for success. In addition, encourage your associates to discuss the promotion with cardholders when they visit a branch. You can also help drive awareness by congratulating winners in your marketing channels once surprises have been awarded. See the program webinar for pre-approved social copy.

  • How do I customize the marketing materials provided through the promotion portal?


    All digital files will be supplied as PSDs, which will require access to Photoshop in order to customize. All print files will be supplied as InDesign files, which will require access to InDesign for customization. Once you open the files in the appropriate program, insert your logo and card name into the designated areas within the creative piece.

Benefits for CPS issuers

  • What are the benefits of participation for CPS Mastercard® issuers?


    Participating CPS Mastercard issuers will enjoy several benefits from this promotion:

    • Increased brand awareness and customer loyalty
    • A guaranteed First Prize winner.
    • Minimal investment to participate! Mastercard and CPS will cover most administrative and marketing costs – your financial institution is only responsible for printing, distribution, and media fees.
    • An additional incentive to your cardholders.

Additional Information

  • Will there be other opportunities to participate?


    Yes. Look out for communications from Jack Henry & Associates for information on future quarterly promotions.

  • Who should I turn to if I have any additional questions?


    If you have any additional questions, contact your CPS Customer Relationship Manager or submit a support inquiry through the promotion portal.